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With some kindergarteners, they do not always understand the concept that is being presented.  I have come to realize that many exposures to the same concept in various ways is necessary in order for them to formulate coherent thoughts.  For instance, this was the students first exposure to force and motion.  This student's reasoning for what makes a car move fast had nothing to do with force or motion.  In fact, her explanation was solely based on the appearance of the car.  She said that the car was red and shiny and the wheels looked good.  Despite our prior discussion about the need of each car to be equally aligned and that when the students released each each car they should use the same force and the same type of motion.  I modeled the release of the cars and I showed how intense motion when releasing the car would cause it to rolled faster.  My student heard the explanations and saw at the demonstration yet, her discourse was about the appearance of the car.  So, I realize that additional exposure and demonstrations of force and motion are necessary.

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Industrial Engineers

Unit 3: Learning to Be an Engineer
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: The students will make predictions about the distance toy cars travel using force and motion.

Big Idea: Engineers' practice of using scientific tools play a major role in the field of science.

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