Reflection: Checks for Understanding Part Four / Day 2 - Testing the Soda Cup Lander - Section 3: Jump In! Phases 4 - 6


Keeping accurate notes was challenging for both me and the teams. I was as excited as the kiddos to see how the SCLs would do. When I asked the teams why the SCLs were ascending slowly or not at all, they had excellent ideas and could supply reasons for their ideas. Some teams noted these modifications in their lab book. 

Some modifications were included in the observations but not the reasons. This could be a design flaw on how the lab page was set up. Some written observations were unclear, for example a few students wrote 'tilt' but it was not clear if this was to explain how to launch the SCL or was an SCL observation.

The conversations that the teams were having with each other and me were on task and thoughtful. The interactions with each other would not have happened as easily if students were writing.

If we had another day to work on the SCL, after the 'exploration aspect' wore off, students could be more methodical with their observations. I did not want to impede their exploration or enthusiasm to insist they stop to write more complete observations.

The next time I do this lab, I will include more descriptors for students to check off on the 'Descent, Landing and Ascent Trials', with a section for them to explain their reasons, which they could complete after the trials.

You may notice in the videos that students have stop watches. Some students were curious about how long or quickly the SCL would ascend. I showed students how to use a stop watch so the they could time the ascent. I will include the ascent time in next year's lesson to prompt students to think about how long should the SCL stay on the bottom to 'take scientific data'. I can connect this idea back to the Deepsea Challenger and how long it could stay on the bottom.

  Checks for Understanding: Teams' Observation Notes
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Part Four / Day 2 - Testing the Soda Cup Lander

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT test, observe, modify their Soda Cup Landers

Big Idea: 3,2,1 LAUNCH! Scientific instruments are attached. Soda Cup Landers prepare for launch. Time to take observations on the descent, landing ascent.

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