Reflection: Student Ownership Using Area Model to Divide Thousands - Section 3: Concept Development


As I observed students practice using the area model, I observed a student who had altered the model to better suit his learning style.  I questioned him about the model and asked if he would explain to the class what he did.  I made sure to ask if he was comfortable explaining his altered model because this is a student that tends to not like being put on the spot.  I told him that I would stop the class in about five minutes and have students walk to his desk to see how he is using the area model and altered it to make it work better for him. 

Having students travel to another student's work space, is an instructional strategy I call walk and talk.  I ask students to walk to another student's learning space, and then I ask the student who's space that is to talk about their work. I only do this after I've made sure the student that is doing the talking is comfortable doing so. You can see in the following video this student explaining the altered model he created. You can also here me prodding him to explain his model and why he altered it.  

  Modeling as Reflective Problem Solving
  Student Ownership: Modeling as Reflective Problem Solving
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Using Area Model to Divide Thousands

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT divide thousands by a one digit divisor using an area model or rectangle sections method.

Big Idea: Students explore a place value based method to divide multi-digit dividends.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, division, area model, modeling mathematics, multiplication as inverse of division, Operations
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