Reflection: Joy Using Area Model to Divide Thousands - Section 4: Student Debrief


Yesterday, I didn't feel like my students were understanding the area model or using it successfully. For me to best help them be successful, it is important that I understand where students are getting stuck, and be able to make adjustments in my teaching to help students find success. This lesson went much better than yesterdays.

I think my students needed some processing time on their own to make sense of using the area model for division. I have some students who are still struggling because they don't know their multiplication facts.  I know that these students will continue to struggle with the expanded notation method, which is what I will teach next. 

I am thankful that I also taught division using a place value chart because for my students who really struggle with number sense and basic fact recall, the place value chart may be the only strategy they are successful with since it is a pictorial method. 

My true highlight of the day wasn't the area model, though, but my number hook. I'll leave you with this video reflection on my highlight of the day.

  Wallakazoom, Wallakazaam...Hey are you taking notes?
  Joy: Wallakazoom, Wallakazaam...Hey are you taking notes?
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Using Area Model to Divide Thousands

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT divide thousands by a one digit divisor using an area model or rectangle sections method.

Big Idea: Students explore a place value based method to divide multi-digit dividends.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, division, area model, modeling mathematics, multiplication as inverse of division, Operations
  60 minutes
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