Reflection: Organizational Systems Pumpkins!! The Forgotten Fruit - Section 3: Beginning Observations (Day One)


I color code just about everything in my classroom.  It has been an on-going process for many years. Without color coding, I would be lost and I think my students would too.  

I have a simple system...everything is three, green and purple.  My classroom is all coordinated with those colors as well.  A bit anal...yes indeed.  But life saving in a classroom and especially in a time when the whole world of education is crazy. Without some sort of system, and all the new changes teachers else could you survive and accomplish all that we have to do? 

I set my classroom up into pods of teams, usually I have six teams, but sometimes five (Blue team one, blue team two, green team one, green team two and the purple team).  Every time I pass out materials or papers that need to be sorted quickly, I will use buckets, baskets, paper clips, whatever is necessary to keep the groups organized. 

This helps me to quickly grab the groups belongings when I am sorting, passing out, gathering or whatever I need to do with the children's work.  It is pretty visual and makes for an easy system.  

Whenever science investigations are at hand, all the materials for each of these are color coded as well.  Using a color system also alleviates any conversation, stress, or disagreements that arise with students about wanting a special color or choice.

  Color Coding
  Organizational Systems: Color Coding
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Pumpkins!! The Forgotten Fruit

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Apples, Pumpkins and Bread!! OH! My!!
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Objective: SWBT analyze the system of a pumpkin by making observations, estimations, and predictions.

Big Idea: Recognizing that plants do not grow without certain elements within their system and life cycle can be confusing if children do not understand they must all be present at the same time.

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Science, plants, pumpkins, life cycle, observation, analyze
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