Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Converses and Inverses - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


While teaching this lesson, I realized students had some difficulty writing the converse.  They switched the parts of the conditional, but they also switched the "if" and "then." We stepped back a bit and reviewed how to identify the hypothesis and the conclusion of the original statement. I had the students underline the hypothesis and circle the conclusion and ensure they did not include the "if" and the "then." This helped them to see that the "if" and "then" remain in the same place but the two sentences that make up the conditionals switch places.

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Converses and Inverses

Unit 6: Introduction to Geometric Proofs
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Objective: SWBAT write the converse and inverse of a conditional statement and engage in mathematical practice discourse and precision standards

Big Idea: Students need to understand mathematical logic in order to write formal proofs. This lesson provides an introduction to logic through the context of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

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Math, Geometry, Proofs, logic
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