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Despite my best efforts to promote team/class building, the creation of shared expectations, and explicit teaching of problem solving, some groups still struggle with sharing the work equitably.  I was hesitant to assign jobs because it is important to me that they learn to solve their issues themselves, but I realized too much time was being taken at the start of each investigation because people could not agree on what was fair, and my energy was going towards conflict resolution instead of the science investigation, so I wrote rolls up on the board (builder, pourer, getter, and cleaner), rolled a die, and placed one person from each group into a roll.

Upon reflection, I believe it was a fairly effective strategy because I had many of my less assertive students "getting their hands dirty," which I was worried they were missing out on.  In the short term, I will continue to assign rolls and make sure I rotate who does what.  Long term, I'll continue to provide support solving conflicts quickly and teaching the fine art of compromise.

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  Routines and Procedures: Assigning Jobs
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Slope and Erosion

Unit 4: Earth Science
Lesson 3 of 18

Objective: SWBAT use a model to describe the relationship between slope and erosion.

Big Idea: How does the slope of a mountain affect the amount of erosion?

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