Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Science Fair-A Summative Assessment - Section 1: Make Your Presentation


Much of the success of this problem-based learning experience is getting the community involved. 

The Superintendent of Parks and Planning, Mr. Fleck, was involved with the initial presentation at the start of the learning experience. Mr. Fleck was involved in the planning stages and instrumental as a community speaker to the students. He activated background knowledge to address the essential question "What are the benefits of parks in a community?"

Community members responded to be part of the summative assessment experience, a "Pond Study Science Fair." Letters of invitation were sent to a variety of community branches to solicit involvement with the Science Fair. Letters were sent to the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Education and district administration, the local library, Police Department, and the Park District. Community members volunteered to be part of the process and interact with our students.

It is powerful for students and staff members to interact with and be part of the community. It is positive. It builds relationships. It was a success!

  Community Involvement
  Problem-based Approaches: Community Involvement
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Science Fair-A Summative Assessment

Unit 3: Pond Study: Preparing for the Science Fair
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT present claims and evidence to support their argument.

Big Idea: Making a presentation is an essential, life-long skill. While the most important elements are the student and the content, communicating your ideas is the main purpose of the presentation.

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Science, evidence, argument, Problem Based Learning, Pond Study, science fair
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