Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Energy Concept Mapping - Section 2: Mini Lesson


The map we worked out in this lesson caused an interesting conversation.  Students were debating about apples giving energy to people, people using energy to grow trees and pick apples, and worms using energy to eat an apple. Although they are correct in their thinking that energy is everything, I realized that the students needed a lot more time to consider their own thinking.  

This concept of energy is intriguing and I made a quick decision to have the students work through an energy concept map in order to gather data on what to do next with the students, instead of asking them to understand, fully, the relationships between stored energy and actions. I quickly realized that this activity was a good one to give me a base line of understanding and that we would need more investigations exploring energy conversion. 

  Gathering Data to Create Lessons
  Adjustments to Practice: Gathering Data to Create Lessons
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Energy Concept Mapping

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to make connections between stored energy sources and actions.

Big Idea: The concept of stored energy and the conversion of that energy is a hefty concept for third graders. This lesson will allow children to grapple with the connection of the two.

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