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GAfE (Google Apps for Education) proves to be an invaluable tool for student collaboration during project work days. While in the classroom, students are able to work  on one document, taking responsibility for different sections, supporting one another when a particular piece hits a snag and allowing for fast review of the work done by the different team members. 

In a project like this one, students are so invested in the outcome that they take it upon themselves to be present in the class, even when an illness keeps them at home. Watch as a student first talks about a team member being absent and being able to remain as an active participant in the project by using the GaFE tools. Then keep watching to listen to the absent student come back and explain how she was able to access the work even while sick.

  Absent during the project? No problem with GaFE
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Human Body 2.0 - Project Workdays

Unit 5: Human Body 2.0
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use an analysis of the structure/function of body systems and redesign it to improve efficiency.

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