Reflection: Backwards Planning Energy Makes "What" Happen? - Section 3: Active Engagement


This lesson was all about giving the students something to visualize and to create common language about what energy can make happen.  As we move into lessons about magnetism and electricity, I will want students to draw upon what they saw and learned in this lesson. 

Making sure that students have a common experience at the beginning of a unit is crucial to making sure everyone has the same opportunity for success. 

When we completed this lesson, I knew that each student had predicted and observed that a candle can create heat and light, while a motor can cause motion, as well as sound. They were able to monitor the sound and motion that the change in tone can make from conversion of electricity, as well and making a motor work by using electrical energy. 

Now, I can draw on all of these experiences with the full class and be sure that they have the background needed to explore the world of energy and forces. 


  Creating a Common Experience
  Backwards Planning: Creating a Common Experience
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Energy Makes "What" Happen?

Unit 5: Energy
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to identify the source of stored energy and name the action that takes place once that energy is released.

Big Idea: Energy is a difficult concept for students to describe and the conversion of energy is the center of understanding how to apply it to do work. This activity gives students a chance to explore and develop a visual of changing energy.

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