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The American Nuclear Association (ANS) is located close to my school and was one of my first business partnerships. I cold-called the office and was directed to an education liaison. Over the years our partnerships has blossomed. It began when I was directed to find Professional Development for the science staff. Our team went to their offices a couple of times and then they came to our school to give training. The science teachers loved it because it was science-oriented and they walked away with cool stuff to use with students. 

I lean on ANS to borrow materials. They have posters and examples of nuclear waste packets. Their materials enhance my student's understanding of nuclear energy. My advice to any teacher is to check your city's business directory. Reach out to an organization that may help you out. The benefits are amazing. 

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Exploring Nuclear Energy

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT explore fission and create a flow chart explaining the system of nuclear fission in a nuclear power plant.

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