Reflection: Rigor Vocabulary At The Pond - Section 1: Building Vocabulary


To help students deepen their understanding of new vocabulary terms I use a variety of strategies.

Some strategies include:

Develop a template for students to use The Frayer Model for new vocabulary terms.

Use a Science Notebook (Journal) for students to write and draw about each new term.

Play word games such as Outburst, Pictionary, and Bananagrams.

Design an Interactive Word Wall to display terms, definitions, and visual diagrams/pictures.

Create a Word Sort for students to recognize relationships among concepts.

All of these strategies are effective and can be used multiple times during the school year. Reusing a strategy is a positive way to reinforce concepts and expected behaviors.

  Strategies To Build Vocabulary
  Rigor: Strategies To Build Vocabulary
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Vocabulary At The Pond

Unit 3: Pond Study: Preparing for the Science Fair
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write and draw about pond vocabulary terms.

Big Idea: Building vocabulary is an important skill. Through a variety of interactions with a word, students will increase their understanding and achievement.

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Science, life science, Pond Study, evidence, argument, Problem Based Learning, science fair, Cloze Reading
  40 minutes
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