Reflection: Trust and Respect Discussion Moves In Science - Section 2: Analyzing The Data


I want to create a learning environment of trust and respect so I help students develop their communication skills. Using discussion moves (talking moves) helps students to deepen their understanding of the concepts. Students also learn to talk with one another in a respectful manner.

Here are some ways to facilitate the classroom discussion using Discussion Moves:

1. Revoice - relate somewhat unrelated comments to help students make connections.

2. Model - ask questions to clarify information you don't understand but need to discuss.

3. Reference the text - make a reference to the textbook and/or nonfiction article that relates to the discussion.

4. Reference other students - make a reference to quotes and conversations from other students.

Teacher Tip: Copy and laminate the Discussion Moves. Tape the Discussion Moves to each desk/table for students to refer to during the conversation. Remind students to reference this list of moves.

  Using Discussion Moves
  Trust and Respect: Using Discussion Moves
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Discussion Moves In Science

Unit 3: Pond Study: Preparing for the Science Fair
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT utilize discussion moves to engage in scientific communications.

Big Idea: How can you establish student-centered discussions supported by evidence? Try using discussion moves to engage students in meaningful conversations with their peers.

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Science, evidence, argument, Problem Based Learning, Pond Study, science fair
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