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This lesson may seem like overkill based on how much time and effort was just invested in completing the Cyborg Eye lessons, however this is the lesson that bridges this information processing unit with the next unit on biodiversity of spiders.  The hair on the spiders' legs act as mechanical receptors similar to the hair found in our ears which gives students a link between content units might help them remember more information for longer periods of time.

The video found in the wrap-up section of this lesson serves a similar purpose as it describes what we know about the tiny jumping spider's brain - just one cell in size!  Totally amazing.  This video also allows students to start to look at spiders in a slightly different light which will be pretty important in the next unit.  Be sure to check it out!

  A Bridge Between Units
  Lesson Planning: A Bridge Between Units
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Investigating the Senses

Unit 4: Information Processing
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT design a museum exhibit that explains how a specific sense/sense receptor functions.

Big Idea: Smell, hearing, taste and touch - student designed exhibits explain much.

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Science, information processing
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