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I wanted to push my students to make sense of the feedback I had given them on their group tests so they could improve their understanding of triangle properties and proof.  The group test was, after all, fairly challenging and seemed like a promising site for some rich learning.  After giving groups time to review their work and my written feedback, I addressed any remaining questions students still had about their work.  Afterward this discussion, I asked students to share round-robin style in their groups about something they thought they could take away from my feedback so they could improve their work moving forward. 

I selected one student from each group to share out either something he/she individually wanted to work on or something else that had emerged in the group.   Here are some examples that students shared out loud with the whole class:

-“We really need to check that the CORRESPONDING sides and angles are congruent.  There was a problem where we saw ASA in one triangle and AAS in another, but that’s not enough information to show BOTH triangles are congruent to each other because it’s not like we really knew if all the corresponding parts were congruent.”

-“We need to explain ideas more specifically, like not just say ‘alternate interior angles’ but ‘alternate interior angles are congruent because they were on parallel lines.”

-“Just because we are given two sides are congruent doesn’t mean we can say that the two sides are parallel.” 

Having students share out about their own big take-aways was far more powerful than me summarizing the patterns I had noticed in my students’ work.  My students’ insights also showed me that they were able to take ownership of their understanding in a way that was authentic and relevant for them.  

  Learning from Feedback
  Pre-Tests: Learning from Feedback
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Triangle Properties, Triangle Congruence, and Proof Review

Unit 7: Discovering and Proving Triangle Properties
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to apply and prove triangle properties.

Big Idea: Students will use the feedback from their group assessment to improve their proof writing and to critique their peers' reasoning.

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Math, Geometry, Triangles, reasoning and proof, Triangle Congruence, triangle similarity
  55 minutes
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