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A common issue arose in this lesson when the student of this work: advanced student completed the illustration and the two sentence about it in about 3 minutes. I thought writing sentences would be a nice extension for her. Since it too her no time, I suggested that she reread the text by whisper reading to improve her fluency, and she became board in about five minutes. But, other children were still working on their illustration. I decided to allow her to sit beside a child who was struggling and help them finish the task. This finally worked. Allowing the advanced students to help others really helps them learn to explain their reasoning. This is also a chance to engage the advanced students in a higher order thinking activity.

  Advanced Students: Differentiation
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The Sun Rises and Sets

Unit 5: The Sun, Earth, and Moon
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain that the sun rises and sets in a consistent pattern.

Big Idea: Use text, images, and a video to show students the pattern created by the sun rising and setting.

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Science, ELA
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