Reflection: Classroom Setup Part Four / Day 1- Preparing the Soda Cup Lander - Section 1: NGSS Connections and Lesson Preparation


Teams discovered that the tape was not a good choice for attaching the material because it did not work in water. This was a distraction for some teams, next time I do the lab, I will not include tape, unless I add an lab for students to test different attachment material.

  'Attachment Material'
  Classroom Setup: 'Attachment Material'
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Part Four / Day 1- Preparing the Soda Cup Lander

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT plan and attach their chosen scientific instruments to the SCL.

Big Idea: Engineers work together to draw diagrams to show where to place the scientific instruments on their SCLs and attach the instruments to their model.

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