Reflection: Pacing Part Four / Day 1- Preparing the Soda Cup Lander - Section 3: Soda Cup Lander - Phases 1 - 3


There were a number of reasons why I chose to break the lesson up into 'phases'.

1. I needed to be able to move the entire class along, but allow for individual teams to move ahead or slow down.

2. It would be futile to try to say all the directions at once. Students would not remember and we would waste a lot of time going over the same directions again.

3. I wanted to get the teams working together as soon as possible.

4. Students could easly refer to the projected 1-3 steps on the board, without sifting through a bunch of steps.

This format worked really well with the students. All teams were independently working, but the phases provided opportunities for us to check in as a class. Teams referred to the board when they were not sure what to do. Movement around the room and outside was focused. Students demonstrated that they clearly knew what was expected for each phase.


  "One Step At a Time"
  Pacing: "One Step At a Time"
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Part Four / Day 1- Preparing the Soda Cup Lander

Unit 3: Unit 3 - Deep Ocean to Rocky Shore Adaptations and Submersible Designs
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT plan and attach their chosen scientific instruments to the SCL.

Big Idea: Engineers work together to draw diagrams to show where to place the scientific instruments on their SCLs and attach the instruments to their model.

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