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Worms are very interesting animals to study close up.  They are harmless, uncomplicated, and useful.  In many ways, worms are the Nice Guy of the Science world.  And best of all, they’re everywhere.  They provide the perfect opportunity for children to get out in nature to get their hands dirty exploring the world around them.   Best yet, they are eager to discuss what they discovered.

Kindergarten is an ideal age for an activity like this; they’re fearless explorers!  Once they get past the “worms are icky” feeling (most often brought on by us adults!), they can lie on the ground for extended periods and watch these amazing creatures.  In reality, there’s much to be said for the simple things, taking the time to really look at nature rather than expecting information to be provided to you in quick snips.  Sound bites and technology have their place in learning..especially when they’re combined with the wonder of simply watching. 

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Earthworm Excavation - We Dig in the Dirt!

Unit 3: Wiggly Worms
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Students will listen to a story and apply what they heard to find earthworms outdoors.

Big Idea: What is unique about an earthworm's environment?

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Science, observations, inquiry, nature, earthworm
  40 minutes
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