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Typically in a lesson I introduce the idea or concept with a video or read aloud to get students interested and then there is some sort of small group or partner activity. During that time, I focus in on students who I think may need more support. In this activity, I worked with about 4 different groups and just made sure that they understood how to sort into groups so that they can contribute to the group discussion that comes later. I am really conscious of not just giving them answers or ideas - I want them to still have a rigorous activity and use their own ideas, but to be more supported. Watch as I work with a group!

  ELL Students: Supporting Student Thinking
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Sorting Seeds

Unit 5: Living Organisms - Plants
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Objective: SWBAT understand that the shape of seeds determines their environment by creating a dichotomous key.

Big Idea: Pointy? Flying? Floating? Students will discover how the shape of seeds determines where the seed will grow!

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Science, First Grade, 1.L.1.2 Give examples of how the needs of different plants and animals can be met by their environments in North Carolina or different places
  40 minutes
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