Reflection: Checks for Understanding Gay-Lussac's Law - Section 4: Explain


Our students may have much more to say about their their thinking than lies at the surface of their responses. In the video below I ask students to explain how this lab helped them make sense of Gay - Lussac's Law. I follow up their responses with some focusing questions and they respond with deeper explanations. 

  "Tell Me More"; Eliciting student ideas
  Checks for Understanding: "Tell Me More"; Eliciting student ideas
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Gay-Lussac's Law

Unit 2: Effects of Heat Energy Transfers on Earth's Atmosphere
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Objective: SWBAT describe the qualitative and quantitative relationships between the pressure and temperature of a gas, explain how flexible and rigid containers affect the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas sample and complete gas law problems involving changes in pressure

Big Idea: Use this tried and true (and fun!) lesson to demonstrate to students the relationship between pressure and temperature.

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Science, meteorology, Gas Laws, Air Pressure
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