Reflection: Lesson Planning Engineering Earthquake Structures: Day 5 - Section 3: Mini Lesson: Modeling Analog and Digital Signals Demonstration


If you are anything like me, some of the new NGSS standards have made me learn and re-learn new content.  The idea of teaching analog and digital signals was kind of scary at first. I had to research and learn myself.  Then, the question do I teach this in an engaging way utilizing NGSS strategies?  Quite an undertaking!  

I watched this video by Dave Burgess and was inspired!  He explains how everyone can be a creative and engaging lesson planner.  There is no such thing as "creative" and "non creative" people.  It's all about asking yourself the right questions when planning.  The more I ask myself the questions he suggests in this clip, the better my lessons get! 

After watching it, I couldn't help coming up with my own set of NGSS questions to include in my lesson planning to add to the list he provides.  

How can I model it?

How can I create an analogy to represent it?

Is there a cartoon, sit com, or movie clip that demonstrates my point?

How can I talk about it in a way that connects to pop culture?

How can I create a 'misdirect' to insight thinking?

How can I use fire? (Let's face it.  Middle school student engagement increases with flames!)

If you take the time to watch the video above, there are so many more!  Teach like a pirate! 

  New Content: Teach Like a Pirate!
  Lesson Planning: New Content: Teach Like a Pirate!
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Engineering Earthquake Structures: Day 5

Unit 2: Waves and Engineering: Using Waves To Meet Societal Needs and Wants
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to analyze textual evidence in order to design a structure that can survive seismic waves, and analyze multiple design choices based on criteria in order to determine the most effective design for a prototype.

Big Idea: Students dig into the differences between analog and digital signals. What's the connection to earthquakes? It's all about how waves impact our lives in the real world!

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