Reflection: Checks for Understanding Balls and Ramps: Conducting A Whole Group Investigation - Section 3: Evaluating Their Work


After using the rubric to evaluate the students' work, I noticed that many of the students are still developing with the idea of creating a testable question.  Many of them have a good idea but just need to elaborate on it a bit more and to form it in a questions.  I will meet with each of the students and help them create an appropriate question with their own ideas.  

  Evaluating Their Work
  Checks for Understanding: Evaluating Their Work
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Balls and Ramps: Conducting A Whole Group Investigation

Unit 2: Force and Motion
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT answer a given question by collecting data through an investigation using ramps and balls.

Big Idea: In the unit's final lesson (before the 2 day assessment) you will work with your class in conducting an investigation, collecting data, and then using data to answer a given question.

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Science, tables, experiment, 1st Grade, testable questions, S3, S1
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