Reflection: Flexibility Balls and Ramps: Conducting A Whole Group Investigation - Section 2: The Investigation


I wanted to reflect upon two different points from this section.  I needed to change the way that I measured how far the ball rolled on ramp two and three.  I needed to use two yardsticks for ramp two and three yardsticks for ramp three.  The ping pong ball rolled further than i thought it would.  I used this opportunity to practice adding three addends to find the total of inches the ball rolled.  

The 2nd roll (for ramp 1) yielded much different results than the 1st roll did.  I used this as an opportunity to ask the students.  I was able to capture two students clearly explain an idea based in evidence from the unit's concepts.  You will see in the video, that I asked the second student to explain why he agreed with the first student's response.  I did this to make sure that he wasn't just agreeing but truly understood what she had said.  

  Flexibility: Needed to Adapt the Experiment
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Balls and Ramps: Conducting A Whole Group Investigation

Unit 2: Force and Motion
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Objective: SWBAT answer a given question by collecting data through an investigation using ramps and balls.

Big Idea: In the unit's final lesson (before the 2 day assessment) you will work with your class in conducting an investigation, collecting data, and then using data to answer a given question.

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