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With the implementation of the NGSS, it is essential that teachers release control of all aspects of their lessons and allow for student inquiry in their laboratory investigations.  At first, I found inquiry labs uncomfortable because I was not in control and did not have all of the answers since the students were completing the group-designed experiments.  After a year of inquiry-based investigations, I have come to look forward to these opportunities for my students to take control of their learning and let their ideas and curiosity wonder in our Biology curriculum. Students now realize that they are in control of their lab experiences and look forward to seeing their ideas come to life!

I encourage each of you to let your students' ideas prosper and implement inquiry labs into your classroom as your work to weave the NGSS into your daily lessons.  Have fun with it and let your students take control . . . 

  Letting The Ideas Prosper
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Letting The Ideas Prosper
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Planting Our Roots - Student Inquiry Labs

Unit 3: Cell Energy
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Objective: SWBAT activate prior knowledge to develop a question regarding photosynthesis or plant growth and design a detailed experimental procedure to investigate the concept in a student inquiry lab.

Big Idea: Plants, variables, procedures and more! Students take control in this inquiry-based lesson to analyze how their study of photosynthesis relates to plant growth. Hold on to your growing light because it will be an exciting adventure!

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