Reflection: Organizational Systems Molecules Move - Section 2: Planning and Carrying Out Investigation (SP 3)


Improving my students' abilities to plan and carry out investigations (SP3) can effectively occur only if I support them throughout the process.  The investigation graphic organizer is given to groups during the first few lessons of this unit to help students establish a routine and procedure for planning investigations.  

As the unit progresses, however, I gradually release them from the use of graphic organizers and instead expect students to follow the same protocol found in the graphic organizer with a simple prompt: "Ok, we are going to organize an investigation that tests _________________, use the steps from your graphic organizer to do so."  

  Using Graphic Organizers to Support Student Growth
  Organizational Systems: Using Graphic Organizers to Support Student Growth
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Molecules Move

Unit 3: Matter
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT design an experiment that tests the effect of temperature on molecular motion.

Big Idea: Student-centered learning leads to deeper conceptual understanding. Let your students develop experiments to test the effects of temperature of molecular motion and you will see their passion and understanding unfold.

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Science, solids, mass, matter, molecule
  41 minutes
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