Reflection: Real World Applications Egg-citing Cell Adventures - Movement Across The Membrane - Section 2: Direct Instruction - Unscrambling Student Understanding


This lesson has been designed to be an introduction or review for your students to ensure that your students have a strong foundation to build their knowledge of the cell membrane and the associated processed.  By scaffolding this content students build confidence in the curriculum and seem to enjoy the course a little more!

If you feel that your students do not need this review-type lesson, I encourage you to to by-pass this lesson and move on to the next lesson, In&Out, which will examine the movement of molecules across the cell membrane. 

You may also want to differentiate your instruction and use this lesson for some of your students and progress other students to the next lesson!  


  Moving On With Movement Across The Membrane
  Real World Applications: Moving On With Movement Across The Membrane
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Egg-citing Cell Adventures - Movement Across The Membrane

Unit 5: Cell Biology - An Out Of This Cell Experience
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a model that compares the animal cell to an egg and predict the effect varying solutions will have on the movement across the cell membrane. Students are introduced to the concepts of osmosis and diffusion in order to maintain homeostasis in the cell.

Big Idea: This lesson will "egg" on your students to get excited about cells as they discover more about movement across the cell membrane with the processes of osmosis and diffusion!

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Cells and Cellular Processes, cell function, cell membrane transport, diffusion, cells, cell membrane, Osmosis, movement across the cell membrane, organelles, microscope
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