Reflection: Flexibility Preventing Erosion on Our School Grounds - Section 5: Day 5 A Working Erosion System


Snow storms have a way of disrupting plans and that is true of our outdoor erosion system. By the time we were ready to try our design outside, the snow had covered our hillside, the ground was frozen solid and the potential for erosion was gone at least for now. 

The students had their model, they were ready to go and the weather had other plans. We may have a chance in the spring to witness erosion outside and try to prevent it, but for now, snow has slowed us down. 

Teachers have to be flexible. Interruptions due to power outages, snowstorms, fire drills or any other number of interruptions can cause plans to change. We have to share this ability to be flexible with our students. Let them understand the change in plans and together come to a solution. In this case, spring sounded like a solution to our problem even though it means waiting.

  The Best Laid Plans
  Flexibility: The Best Laid Plans
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Preventing Erosion on Our School Grounds

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT recognize the impact of erosion on a small portion of the school playground and design and build a system to limit that erosion.

Big Idea: Students can use their own surroundings to recognize and attempt to repair the results of human impacts on the environment.

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Science, erosion, Analyzing Results, wind (Weather), problem solving, planning, landforms
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