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There was such a feeling of excitement in the room when I set up a Writer's Share Train. Writer's Share Train The train was a way for many students to hear the work of their peers without us all sitting around in a large circle and listening to 18 stories. The attention span in my class would make that a battle. With the train, everyone felt that his/her story had been heard, and they also got to hear the work of others.

For the train, I arranged the seats in a train and students read their books to the students next to them. I rang the bell and the outside row moved forward to share with a new partner. The students were able to read their books and hear the information from half of their classmates.

I saw pride and excitement in the student faces as with each new partner they shared their accomplishment. The students had worked for a week researching a topic, organizing their facts, writing their books and illustrating them. While I will assess both the writing of a nonfiction piece, and the understanding of land and water, I know that their feelings of pride in their work say so much about what they gained from the experience. This was their first nonfiction research project, probably ever. They each went home with a book that they could share with others and they felt like experts on some land form, or body of water. 

  Joy: Excitement Over The Finished Books
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Land Form Experts

Unit 3: Understanding Our Earth
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT choose a land form and write an information book on that form

Big Idea: We may not be able to visit every landform, but we can still learn about them.

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Science, wind (Weather), erosion, landforms, nonfiction
  150 minutes
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