Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Day and Night: The Hokey Pokey - Section 5: Closing (Prepare for Landing)


As I think about this lesson, I want students to have information about the Earth spinning in their Science Journals.  All of my students keep individual science journals, which are marble composition notebooks.  The journal is a record of our meaningful discoveries, and today's learning about the Earth is paramount to understanding the pattern of the sun rising and setting.

I decided to print out the picture of the KLEWS chart S section and have students glue it into their journals on the following day as morning work.

  Adjustments to Practice: Science Journals
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Day and Night: The Hokey Pokey

Unit 3: Space: Patterns in the Sky
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT describe patterns in the earth's movement around the sun.

Big Idea: Hokey Pokey time! "You put your front in, you put your front out. You put your front in, and you shake it all about. When you face the sun, it’s daytime now. That’s what it’s all about!" Let's have fun teaching the Earth and Sun's relationship.

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