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As I discuss in the Getting Started section, one of the most important techniques I use is to have several students share the techniques they use to solve a problem. They may explain it orally, write it on the board, or even take out the materials they used and show what they did. My explanations come from an adult perspective, but a child's explanation comes from a child's perspective and is often more useful than my explanation.

I do sometimes repeat what a child has said so that everyone hears (as well as sees by where I might be pointing), to what a friend did.  I may also write on the board what a child is explaining orally so students can both see and hear the process that another child used to solve the problem. By repeating, I am also letting students know that I hear what they are saying. This structure is deliberately supporting students to model with mathematics, and to make sense of problems and persevere in answering them (MP1).

  Student Ownership: Sharing Solutions
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Classroom Math Tools

Unit 1: What and Where is Math?
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Objective: SWBAT use mathematical tools correctly, including ruler, template, dominos, base 10 blocks, and snap blocks.

Big Idea: Students should develop an awareness of and correctly use the classroom tools that are available to assist them with their mathematical learning.

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Math, Measurement, Measurement and Methods, math journal, Math Tools, ruler, base ten
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