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A key piece in this type of lesson is letting students decide on their own topic, with as little influence from peers as possible. Although adolescents are at a developmental level where peer influence and "what others think" is extremely important to them, allowing themselves to be influenced while choosing a system often leads to less than stellar work, as students become confined by the choices of others.  

In practice this sometimes means that instead of the preferred foursomes, I sometimes end up with several pairs and triads. This arrangement works as long as the student teams are also matched in skill set and academic ability. Although this might mean that I will spend a big portion of my time supporting some pairs, the benefit gained from student ownership outweighs any issues that might arise from a more heterogeneous grouping.

  Deciding on teams
  Student Ownership: Deciding on teams
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Human Body 2.0 - Brainstorm

Unit 5: Human Body 2.0
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to analyze each other's suggested areas of redesign for the human body and decide which body system to focus on.

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