Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Unit Rate - Section 1: Think About It


Students love talking about this Think About It problem.  I sometimes let this section of my lesson go a little long, if the student conversation is robust.

With this particular problem, many students want to share their ideas about the best deal on chicken nuggets.  While students are sharing, I make it my role to keep conversation flowing.  I'll ask  'can someone take a shot at convincing me XX is right (or wrong)?'  'XX, I see you agree with what was just said.  What did you do to get your answer?' or 'Does anyone have a question for XX?'

As students are sharing, I'll encourage them to include justification in their responses.  This is something we're constantly working on, with written work, so it is a natural place to give students practice.

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  Discourse and Questioning: Student Discourse
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Unit Rate

Unit 5: Rates and Ratios
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine the unit rate using tables, fractions, and double line diagrams.

Big Idea: The unit rate is used to highlight the 1 in “for each 1,” “for every 1,” or "per" relationships.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, rate, equivalent ratios, unit rate, ratio
  65 minutes
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