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My students became very excited when they were given the opportunity to write their own ratio situation.  At first, my students struggled with relating the ratios to the real world.  They were making up situations like, "For every 1 student there are 12 pencils."  So, I asked this student, "Does every student in this class have 12 pencils?"  I explained again, that their goal was to write a ratio situation that related to the real world and would be true for anyone who read their problem.  

Once my students understood their task, they enjoyed the challenge of not only writing a situation, but also ensuring that it was a real world ratio.  Here are some of that they came up with:

12 slices of pizza to 1 pie

12 eggs to 1 carton

12 rectangles of chocolate to 1 hershey bar

  Giving Students' Choices
  Accountability: Giving Students' Choices
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Writing Ratios

Unit 11: Equivalent Ratios
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT understand ratios and what they represent.

Big Idea: What are the different ways we can write ratios?

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