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When I began this unit, I thought carefully about the sequence terms that I wanted to use to support the stages of a snail development.  Since the concept of sequencing is so valuable, I decided to use “first, next, then, last” rather than “first, second, third, forth”.  It was natural choice for me because a ‘life cycle’ readily lends itself to this vision of development.  People don’t develop in numbered stages so I couldn’t see selling the idea that animals do either.  While this may seem like a minor choice, it does speak to the idea that a teacher can best teach about what they feel most confident.  Consequently, I was very purposeful about using these terms throughout this lesson, as well as others going forward.  I really felt that not only do these terms explain the process best, they also made a better connection to Math (problem solving) and ELA (story sequencing) standards, making for a more consistent delivery throughout the curriculum. 

  Routines and Procedures: Sequencing
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Are You My Mommy?- Life Cycle of a Water Snail

Unit 2: Slimy Snails
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Student will identify the major stages of a water snail life cycle and record with a visual sample.

Big Idea: How does a water snail survive in the water to grow from egg to adult snail?

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