Reflection: Real World Applications What Affect Does Climate Change Have On A Pond? - Section 3: Conclusion


I want students to make connections between the experiment and our work "in the field" at the pond. I scaffold the analysis questions on the lab report so that students will be able to make a connection between the global effects of climate change and how energy is transferred. I stretch their thinking to transfer these connections to what students see happening at our local pond. This can be a long, tedious process but with the right questions, students will begin to see the connections.

Some strategies to use as you scaffold your lesson include:

  • tap into prior knowledge
  • give students time to turn and talk with their partner
  • frontload your unit and/or lesson with vocabulary
  • use visual aids
  • check for understanding

  Scaffolding Your Lesson
  Real World Applications: Scaffolding Your Lesson
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What Affect Does Climate Change Have On A Pond?

Unit 3: Pond Study: Preparing for the Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT learn how scientists and engineers are using renewable energy to understand climate change.

Big Idea: Climate change poses many new challenges and the planet's future is uncertain. Problem-solve to understand how renewable energy could impact the environment.

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Science, Renewable Energy, life science, Problem Based Learning, Pond Study, Green Problem Solving, Green Energy, fossil fuels, evidence, argument, science fair
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