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When using statistical information, I always like to give the students the opportunity to look over the material before I dig into the learning. By allowing them to look it over, I can gauge what they think is important and I can sometimes tailor my questioning towards their interests. It may be different than what I feel in important but it is student learning that matters. By allowing the students to determine what is important, I can help promote understandings and I can create an emotional connection to information. Experience has taught me to trust the students in what they will learn. I can be flexible and tie their learning to a standard by helping them discover evidence of learning in light of the standard. 

  Students Decide What's Important
  Shared Expectations: Students Decide What's Important
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Why is Coal so Important?

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT compare the economic and environmental costs of coal production.

Big Idea: By 8th grade students can grasp how coal has both an environmental as well as an economic impact.

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