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Kindergarteners can have various learning experiences and exposure to information about a specific topic yet, they may not truly understand the concept.  As the teacher, I allowed my students to explore the nonstandard measuring instruments in addition to modeling the appropriate use of each of them.  We specifically talked about how an item must be precisely aligned with the end of the measuring instrument.  I explicitly demonstrated this with all the items.  Nevertheless, when the students had to participate in the performance event for themselves, they did not apply what I showed them.  Their measuring application did not duplicate what they were instructed to do.  So, I had to rethink my instruction process and reteach the concept.  It happens to the best of us!



  Reteaching Reinforces
  Checks for Understanding: Reteaching Reinforces
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What Do Metrologists Do?

Unit 2: Types of Scientists, You May or May Not Know
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Objective: Students will learn about metrologists by using some of their practices in the classroom and watching a video.

Big Idea: There are different types of scientists who explore their area of expertise and make contributions to society.

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