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Photosynthesis does not need to be taught like you learned it back in school . . .  BORING!  With just a handful of strategies, you can turn a bland lesson into an extraordinary lesson that will get your students talking!

Students love to talk out loud and contribute to the class conversation, so let them shout out in class by reciting the chemical equation for photosynthesis.  Don't let their first attempt be their best.  Challenge your students to be better, louder, and more insync than their previous efforts!

Art is a strategy to put science on paper and get students who are normally not connected to your lesson involved.  Some of the most artistic students I have in class could care less about the chemical equations, but come to life when they get to illustrate a model.  This is your chance to recognize those students in front of the class for their extraordinary achievements.

Creative thinking is another way to engage your students through their imagination.  This lesson encourages students to think outside the box and apply their understanding of photosynthesis in a whole new way!


  Making Photosynthesis Fun!
  Real World Applications: Making Photosynthesis Fun!
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Shedding Light On Photosynthesis

Unit 3: Cell Energy
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Objective: SWBAT describe the discoveries that promoted our understanding of photosynthesis, recite the equation, and discuss the importance of the chemical reactions that occur to allow photosynthesis to occur.

Big Idea: Why are plants important? What's the big idea with trees? Students will breath in knowledge of photosynthesis and the vital role the process plays in our daily life.

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