Reflection: Checks for Understanding Meeting An Engineer - Section 5: Compare and Contrast


In this section of the lesson I wanted to see if students had an understanding that there are different types of scientists and that they do different jobs and need different tools. This has been the theme running through the beginning of the year lessons. I chose to look at student understanding in the large group so I gave the students some terms and asked them which of the three types of scientists might the term apply to. 

I was impressed by how students were able to understand that some things, such as solve problems were what all scientists did, but others, such as build things, was something an engineer did. The Venn Diagram of Scientist Jobs

As a class this lesson affirms that students have a better understanding of what a scientist is and does than they did at the beginning of the year when they talked about scientists as people who get to blow things up.

  Checks for Understanding: Student Understanding
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Meeting An Engineer

Unit 2: Engineers are Scientists Too
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT talk to an engineer about his/her job by asking questions and getting answers.

Big Idea: Students met several scientists earlier in the year. Now they will meet an engineer and see how his job is the same or different from other scientists.

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Science, planning, asking questions
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