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Today's exit slip took more time than I expected for many students. Students wanted to know if they needed to be specific for each conic or could they generalize for all. My response was for the student to do what they thought would be the best for them to show understanding. 

The examples show some of the different types of responses for the exit slip. Example 1 was very interesting this student asked if he could complete the slip and return it to me the next day. He explained that the work he was doing would help him when reviewing and discussing the conics later. As you can see this student worked hard to make the paper neat and exact.

Example 2 is another student that put more detail into the questions. She noticed a mistake and corrected the error but shows that she knows how the different equation structures help in finding information about the conic.

The last 2 are what I received from many students. These students did not put as much thought into the assignment.  To really know if they understand I would have to ask these students more questions like "What are the key features of a conic graph? How will you use the equation to find the information."

One of the positives for this activity is that students were discussing with each other how the equations could be used. Students had their notes out reviewing the information and asking each other questions as they looked over to get clarification.

  Exit Tickets: Exit Slip formative assessment
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The Ellipse (Day 3 of 3)

Unit 5: Conics
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT rewrite standard form equations into general form and vice versa.

Big Idea: How can I determine the equation is an ellipse by looking at the equation.

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Math, ellipse, conic sections, Conics
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