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My goal for eighth grade science students is to get them to recognize balanced chemical equations. I teach the 'how-to' in order to prepare them for high school chemistry, but only test them on choosing balanced equations from a list of possible chemical equations. I teach more then I have to knowing that many of my students will be given the opportunity to take Honors Chemistry as a freshman in high school (80% of the students in ninth grade honors chemistry are my former students). I have vertically aligned my eighth grade class to support high school chemistry and to also meet my eighth grade standard of recognizing balanced equations.

I would recommend meeting with the high school science teachers to discuss what skills should be reviewed and covers in middle to school in order to prepare them for the rigors of high school science. I did that a few years ago and decided that my students may not required to balance chemical equations in accordance with middle school since expectations, but early exposure aids the high school science teachers.

  Recognizing balanced equations is the goal
  Vertical Alignment: Recognizing balanced equations is the goal
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Balancing Chemical Equations

Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to apply the Law of Conservation of Mass to balancing chemical equations.

Big Idea: Atom are never created or destroyed in chemical reactions, they are simply rearranged.

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