Reflection: High Expectations Cell Differentiation Is The Spice Of Life - Section 3: Guided Practice - Making The Connection Between Structure And Function


The power of choice has revolutionized my lessons!  Students thrive in an environment where they feel like they have the choice to determine their learning in the course.  Something as simple as letting students select which slides they are going to observe and then analyze will empower them to improve their effort because they are invested in their learning process.  As I transition my classroom to become more student-centered and inquiry-based, student choice is a cornerstone of my lesson creation.  Give it a try and see how your students react!!!

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  High Expectations: Reflection - Students' Choice
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Cell Differentiation Is The Spice Of Life

Unit 5: Cell Biology - An Out Of This Cell Experience
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT develop a claim describing the importance of cell differentiation and provide evidence to support their claim based on observations made in the lab, as well as supporting research pertaining to the structure and function of various types of cells.

Big Idea: How different are you than the carrot you ate at lunch? Students will examine similarities and differences between plant and animal cells and how these differences can help to explain cell differentiation.

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