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When I have extra time during a class, I have the students conduct a test with the yeast and a balloon.  In the activity, yeast, sugar, and warm water are placed in a balloon and the balloon is tied.  The students find the mass and circumference of the balloon at its widest point.  The balloon is placed on a front desk, and the next class takes new measurements of it.  We then create a chart and I have the students explain the data.  For instance, the students notice that the mass stays almost exactly the same.  I ask them to explain why this has happened.  They answer correctly because this is a topic that we covered during the chemistry unit.  I then have the students explain why the circumference of the balloon changed if the mass did not.  The students explain that the reaction of fermentation gave off a gas (CO2), which caused the balloon to inflate.

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Cellular Respiration

Unit 3: Cells
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the key stages and components of cellular respiration.

Big Idea: This lesson provides students with a review of cellular respiration.

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