Reflection: Coherence Dunes - Section 1: So What Are Sand Dunes Anyway?


I was really happy with this movie clip because of how it shows students how plants help with preventing erosion. This opens the door for further discussion and understanding how landscapers are engineers who help develop the land so that erosion is prevented. When we study our plants unit in the spring, this will spiral through as we study specific plant parts which help with erosion. Perhaps we will design a project that solves a particular erosion problem by using specific plant species because of their specialized root systems. This has got me thinking! As I delve deeper into NGSS, it is clearly revealed how the standards and concepts connect! It gives me some peace of mind knowing that I don't need to worry about how the concepts are mastered, because it is evident that they build upon one another. This is one example of many.

I also wanted students to understand that sand dunes occur in our state I thought it was a good idea to include a research article for them to explore. My community is mostly made up of Illinois transplants who have not discovered Wisconsin past Wisconsin Dells. Sand dunes in our state are fairly rare and Whitefish Dunes State Park is really one of the only places to see significant dunes. This connection helps familiarize them with the diverse geographical makeup of our state and the impact of Lake Michigan upon the eastern coastline.

  Coherence: Connections
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Unit 4: Weathering
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Objective: Students explore the effects of wind on sand.

Big Idea: In this math and science integrated lesson, students explore how wind affects sand by making a mini dune and exposing it to wind.

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Science, weathering, Wind Erosion, Data collection and analysis, inquiry, Weathering Investigation, glaciers, engineering, soil
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