Reflection: Self-Talk Rain Forest Gems of Biodiversity - Section 3: Explore!


You are probably wondering if the models were effective in the children's learning.  My answer is that it worked perfectly!  The children were easily able to see that each gem stood for 100 species of an animal, which is very abstract for kiddos at this age.  Using the models made a very complex task accessible for the children.  They listened intently, made great observations about animal classifications and made insightful comments when discussing with their peers.  Would I use the gems again?  You bet!

  Using Models--How Well Did It Work?
  Self-Talk: Using Models--How Well Did It Work?
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Rain Forest Gems of Biodiversity

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
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Objective: The SWBAT construct a reason to back up data of why there are more birds than any other species in the rain forest.

Big Idea: "Gems of Biodiversity" is a great visual tool to help children grasp the idea of biodiversity in the rain forest. It can also be used to help the children understand relationships and as a springboard for an exercise in reasoning.

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