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If you have extra time and you want to add some extra science, you can place a thermometer in the bag and measure the temperature. I like to do this lab over a break because when students get back, the change is very evident. 

There are some challenges with the lab. I had a hard time keeping the students interested in measuring daily and I found there were measurement errors. I changed the days for measuring from daily to every three days. The result gave us a five day data sample when we finally ended the experiment. 

Another challenge is the bags sometimes leaked and corrupted the results. When the bags leak they are really stinky. To get at least a couple of good samples, the class filled thirteen bags with lettuce. I had four that gave great results. 

  What to Watch Out For
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: What to Watch Out For
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Exploring Natural Gas

Unit 5: Exploring Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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Objective: SWBAT understand the role of natural gas as a fossil fuel.

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