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Connecting students to animals like snails provides a helpful (and thanks to these lessons, less scary!) way to welcome them into their world of learning.  The great part of introducing the concept of camouflage now is that it can be applied to a variety of animals.  Although the concept will be an important element in future units, the snails gave me a good opportunity to give the students a visual level of it.  For example, we have a tank with tree frogs and fire-bellied toads inside.  It’s a great way for the students to observe a representation of camouflage because they can now make a direct connection to why a brown tree frog stays on the branches and bark to be safe (if he doesn’t, the fire bellied toad thinks he’s a cricket and eats him!), while the bright green toad prefers the moss and plants.  When the students asked about the red belly, I tell them, truthfully, I have no idea and ask them to come up with their own hypothesis.  With the reintroduction of Charles Darwin and his idea of “survival of the fittest”, the students gained a well-rounded experience of the history and importance of the right habitat.

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Slimy Snail- Hide and Seek!

Unit 2: Slimy Snails
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students will use a chart to match the snail to the habitat that provides the best camouflage.

Big Idea: Why is it important for snails to live in the correct habitat?

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