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Before we begin working on the science fair, I email a parent information letter about the project. This letter is a modification of the parent science fair email found at Science Buddies.  I also attach a copy of the entire science fair timeline.  I require that students return a signed copy of the science fair entry form prior to beginning.  I also tell the students that they need to discuss this project with their parents rather than just having them sign a blank paper.  When the forms are returned, I keep a copy in my science fair binder.  I never hesitate to contact parents if I have questions about whether or not they signed the form.  I also contact parents about topics that are potentially dangerous and that will require close parental supervision to complete.  

The partner permission form is something I began having students complete a few years ago, after several mishaps with partners.  For instance, I would find out halfway through the project that a set of parents did not want their child working with another child or the students would have a disagreement and end up not wanting to work with one another once the project was almost complete.  Using the partner permission form has greatly alleviated many of these concerns.  I also tell the students to think very carefully before deciding whether or not to work with a partner. Partner permission slips have a due date and if permission slips are not received from each student, the students may not work together.  

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Selecting a Topic

Unit 8: Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT identify three possible science fair topics they would like to explore.

Big Idea: The thought of selecting a topic for a science fair experiment can be overwhelming. In this lesson students begin to narrow down their choices.

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